Harness your social media strategy

Social media has transformed the digital landscape and as such incorporating a well planned social strategy into your marketing plan and in-line with your businesses objectives and goals is an absolute must.

There are a wealth of tools available, often within the social platforms themselves, to measure engagement via social media output. Yet, whilst they are indeed something to be referred to, the tools focus solely on traditional marketing metrics not the behavioural science of why – the insight.

Identify, implement and improve

Social media is driven by individuals experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions; therefore, to harness the power of social media intelligence – we must endeavour to understand why these thoughts are occurring.
Social media is a two-way (or more) conversation. The concept is to interact in a way which compliments your businesses brand values, to share and add value to existing content and add new.

Give people a reason to engage

Every social media strategy must be formulated on a valuable content bank. Research which keywords are engaging your audiences, provide ingenuity and add value to your community!

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy

Approach negative feedback head-on! Resist that urge to delete. It is important that your audience views you as genuine and witnesses how you might respond to a particular challenge, at times you may even have to release information to your community to overcome a situation.

Drive forward your social success

At Moxie we know that no-one understands your business and your customers better than you, that’s why whether you require a consultancy approach or partnership we are to help you achieve your businesses objectives


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