It’s all about your reputation

In today’s competitive marketplace media representation can make or break a company. Rightly or wrongly we are hugely influenced by the media and the correct article, editorial, advertorial in the right publication can influence the decision maker in choosing to do business with a company. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations defines PR as…

“Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its public.”

Identify the influencers

Gaining true insight into a businesses goals and objectives and who they are trying to reach with their communications is at the helm of any successful PR campaign. Secondly, correctly identifying key media titles and industry influencers so the message reaches the people most likely to influence a buying decision.

The ability to influence individuals in a community is a powerful medium, it provides context and credibility to the message you are delivering and serves to act as a content amplifier for your campaign.

Belt and braces

An integrated content strategy across any businesses marketing activities ensures a coherent and a consistent message is delivered.

Great PR isn’t just about achieving media coverage, it’s about reaching the people you wish to communicate with in the most
appropriate way. Featured in the right place, media coverage has the power to have a much longer lifespan than a one-off article.
At Moxie, we see it as an asset that can be used to secure new relationships, maintain existing – and of course, with the right
permissions be utilised across marketing collateral.

Share of Voice or Advertising Equivalent Value?

As the service itself is intangible, how would you identify if you have the best PR representation? There are several areas we look to ensure we have covered at Moxie. Firstly, are we succeeding in keeping your competitors out of the limelight? Are we reaching the right people? Are we forming great media relationships for you? Are we achieving the best possible endorsements for you? Is your brand awareness and equity increasing?

At Moxie, we love to see our clients campaigns in the spotlight and whether you wish for us to represent you or act as a consultant
we will work alongside you to achieve measurable and tangible results.


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