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Joining The Dots. Why It’s Crucial To Include Links To Your Social Media Accounts On Your Website.

“Is having social media links on your website crucial and why?” and, “what do you see as the biggest benefit?”

We recently put this question out to peers on LinkedIn, as it had come up in discussion in a group forum and we felt it was definitely a topic that required further investigation.

We know we have our own views but we wanted to share with you the key takeaways from our panel of industry experts.

“They are part of the digital fingerprint expected by savvy online surfers. Let’s not forget how much mobile plays a part. Social platforms are fully optimised for mobile browsing, and links for icons on your site will seamlessly open your social platform with barely a flicker these days.”

Robert Blair – Head of Marketing and eCommerce, Euronics UK

“Without social proof I can often be left feeling is this company real? How big are they really? How do I know these testimonials are real? It’s so easy to fake a company these days. Social proof and social links provide part of your companies wider narrative.”

Josh Morley – SEO, PPC, WordPress & Web Design Specialist

“Social Media is the perfect platform to ‘humanise’ your brand beyond the website & for prospects to confirm authenticity, develop trust & gain insights into the personality of the company. The buying cycle has changed significantly and with more touch points required on average than ever before to secure a sale, social media can play an important part in achieving this.”

James Wright – Digital Marketing Consultant • Keynote Speaker • Mentor • Forthcoming Author • Fruitful Marketing Founder

“For me, Emma it’s an essential. (…) you might want to use social media links in a ‘follow us’ format and encourage your loyal and happy customers to be advocates for your organisation by sharing your website details with their networks.”

Dave Hitchins – Marketing Manager at Manitou UK

“Social links are important but you do need to be careful you don’t loose people. I tend to put them in the footer so they are there. The key thing for me is that there is current and relevant content on social media.”

Lynette Marshall – Graphic Designer and WordPress Expert

As you can see from the feedback collected it’s a fundamental part of any web build, but careful consideration into the placement of your social links is crucial! As is, the activity on these platforms!

There is definitely a reason why pre-built website themes include options for you to add social media links (and even options as to whether you’d like them in colour / grayscale etc). But to reiterate the good advice of our fellow experts and share with you our personal stand point on whether to include social media links on your website:-

It nurtures website visitors

The average website conversion rate is a low 2.35% meaning only 2 convert and the rest (98) fade away into oblivion. If you have social links it gives them an option to follow your brand and that’s definitely less hassle than trying to get them to sign up to an email list – right?

It shows you’re Authentic and builds trust

Social media accounts give you an opportunity to introduce your customers (or potential customers) to discover the real you, it’s personality building, it gives you an opportunity to engage with them on a much higher emotional level than a website.

It improves your search rankings

Social media and SEO work in tandem to provide audiences with value and relevance. Your position on Google is vastly improved if you have active social media accounts. I know this from administering my own social channels (and the odd shameless search online about my business! 😳)

The truth is, unless you work at Google and are privy to their countless algorithm updates, you’ll never find a definitive answer for whether including social media links on your website improves your ranking online.

However, it is worth noting that the search giant themselves has previously stated that companies should link to their social network page on their website because it “provides Google with information (…) to help determine the relevancy of your site to a user query on Google Search.”

If you’re going to use Social Media – Stay Social!

If you are going to use social media as part of your online marketing strategy. Please, please, please ensure that you are actually active and online. Don’t get all keen, throw a few posts/tweets out and then disappear into oblivion. The key’s in the title stay “Social”. We can help you with this with dedicated content writing – just ask!

How to add social media links for websites

Do you need to get your social media links up and running on your website? As you can see from this thread, it’s 100% worth it!
Follow the links below for some step by step instructions. Alternatively, this is a 1-2 hour job maximum for any savvy website developer. You’ll need to provide them with log-ins for your website and/or potential your host for access to your ftp, just ask them what they need when you enquire.

Add A Social Links Menu [WordPress]
Adding And Setting Up A Social Bar [Wix]
Add Social Icons [Weebly]
Add Social Media Buttons [Shopify]

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