Have you verified your company Facebook Page?

Is your company Facebook page verified? IE: Does it carry a little tick of approval next to your businesses name?

We’ve spent some time clicking around our favourite brands… and local businesses and we were surprised at how many businesses don’t carry the little ✅ of approval. (You might want to check your own company profiles out).

Why is verifying your company Facebook page important?

  1. Verifying your Facebook Page and earning that tiny symbol next to your business’s name makes you more official and credible.
  2. Quite simply and most importantly, Verified Pages appear higher in search results. (And we all want this for our businesses right?)

Verifying your company Facebook page via a Desktop Device

Here’s how to get your little tick…

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Page Verification
  3. Hit edit (select verify with a phone number – use the one listed on your page)
  4. An automated service will phone you and give you a code – enter the code and you’re all done.

Verifying your company Facebook page via a Mobile Device

Go to the three little “…” in the top right when you’re on your company page

  1. Select ‘Edit Page’
  2. Select ‘Settings’
  3. Select ‘General’
  4. Select ‘Verify your Page’ under page verification
  5. Select ‘Call Me Now’
  6. An automated service will phone you and give you a code – enter the code and you’re all done. 🙂

Didn’t receive a phonemail?

If for some reason Facebook don’t phone you immediately, (sorry to report that this does happen sometimes); you can verify with the following documents instead. Although please ensure your document shows your organisation’s name and address!

  • Business utilities or a phone bill
  • Business licence
  • Business tax file
  • Certificate of formation
  • Articles of incorporation

Congratulations your page will now rank higher in Facebook search results and also be picked up by Google searches.

However, on the rare occasion you continue to experience problems trying to verify your page you can contact the Facebook Help centre here and send them a message via your support inbox.

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