10 benefits why email marketing is recognised by many businesses as such a crucial part of marketing activity

According to the tenth annual Fmail Marketing Industry Census, which is sponsored by Adestra and is based on the largest UK survey of email marketers, 73% of companies state that email marketing is still their number one channel for ROI.

Ever wondered why both your work and personal email accounts always seem jam packed? There is one fundamental reason — Email marketing works!

Every business can use email campaigns for acquisition or retention; email marketing inspires customer loyalty, can assist early adoption in a new product, service or company and creates all important brand recognition.

  1. Brand Awareness. Surveys have shown that an advert has to be seen seven times before they respond to it – even the Direct Marketing Association states this!
  2. Its cost effective.
  3. It’s personal. (Personalisation of campaigns is proven to lead to better open and click through rates).
  4. Retaining customers – the cost of retaining vs winning new business!
  5. It’s targeted. You target your brands community and have the ability to tailor content to your audience that they are most likely to engage. (Proper segmentation of your databases is a must!)
  6. It’s Measurable. Because it’s digital – results are measurable! Email marketing platforms give you the ability to test open, click through rates, conduct split testing and identify which devices people are using to open your campaigns. You can see quickly, if set up properly where adjustments need to be made.
  7. Fast response. Reactions to email marketing usually happen within the first 24 hours or so and have the capacity for Global recognition.
  8. It’s easy to share across social channels.
  9. An element of exclusivity – Calls to Action! (For example, first to know and book events, new product lines – create an opportunity to buy first!)
  10. Finally and most important of all – It’s the ROI. There is a fabulous FREE calculator here, which can give businesses a good idea:- http://www.emailmarketingroi.com/

Every email you send out presents you with an opportunity to learn more about customers wants and needs. It gives you the tools to base future campaigns on and more importantly allocate precious marketing budgets to.

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